Rusan Adapter for Infiray "C" and "M" Series Clip On Thermal Attachment

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Rusan Adapter for Infiray Clip On Thermal Attachment

For InfiRay C and T Series only!

The Rusan adapter for the Infiray Clip On Thermal Attachments is the best adapter made!
The adapter features a silent clip-on whereas the adapter has internal rubber-based tape that enables the hunter to mount the clip on silently.

In addition, the Rusan adapters have been built with accuracy in mind. Other adapters use inlets which overtime will cause inaccuracies and loose zero. The Rusan adapters are designed to not require inlets. The adapters only have a 0.02mm adjustment, therefore, it is especially important to measure the correct outside diameter of your day-scope in order to purchase the correct adapter for your specific scope.


Mounting and Measurement Instructions:




Note: the most popular sizes are listed here and stocked, if your scope size is not mentioned please contact us and we will advise if a size to fit your scope is available or can be specifically ordered in.

If you have any concerns you might not be purchasing the right adapter, please contact us and we will help you!

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