Sniper Hog Lights - Coyote Cannon Flash Light - 4x LED incl. IR Illuminator



Sniper Hog Lights - Coyote Cannon Flash Light - 4x LED incl. IR Illuminator


The Sniper Hog Light is a top-quality infrared illuminator with quick-adjust adjustable head for spot or flood and a dimmer switch for those in close shot when they arise so not to wash out your digital night vision at close range. The Coyote Cannon is simply the furthest shinning LED light on the market and there isn't another light that even comes close. Actually the closest light is our 66LRX light. The Coyote Cannon will clear all scopes' objectives up to 60mm with our Predator Pro mount.


  • Coyote Cannon has an adjustable focus so you can go from a flood beam to spot beam allowing you to put just the right amount of light on your target. It only takes about 1/8 turn of the head to go from full flood to full spot beam. You can also lock down the focus. This means if you want to lock down the focus of the beam at full flood, full spot beam, or anywhere in between, you can.
  • Interchangeable LED modules so you can easily change the colour if you order the optional LED modules.
  • Runs on 1x 21700 Rechargeable battery. 
  • Minimum distances each colour will shine with a fully charged battery in spot beam in yards:
    • Red = 1050,
    • Green = 1770,
    • White = 1650.
  • How far you can expect to see with Night vision:
    • IR Illuminator 850nm = 2500+ using a Gen 3 night vision and 1000+ yards with digital night vision,
    • IR Illuminator 940nm = 1800+ using a Gen 3 night vision and 700+ yards with digital night vision.
  • The other difference between the 850nm IR and 940nm IR is the red glow to the LED is much less with the 940nm IR then the 850nm IR Illuminator and some believe that 940nm IR is less likely to spook animals then the 850nm IR because it has less red glow to the LED.
  • Can be easily mounted to a 35mm, 30mm or 1" scope tube or Weaver/Picatinny rail with our Predator Pro mount, not included unless you add it in the options above. With this mount, you can adjust the distance the light sits from your scope and it also has windage and elevation adjustments so you can get the light lined up perfectly with your scope. This is a rock-solid mount with a quick-release tab for easy mounting and dismounting from your piece.
  • 5 year warranty on the housing and LED. 2 years on any switches and mounts, 1 year on batteries and charger.


  • Made out of aircraft-grade aluminium and hard anodized to resist scratching.
  • Weighs about 800g with battery, about 900g with battery and mount.
  • Runs on 1x 21700 battery.
  • About 9 inches long in flood beam and about 10 inches long in spot beam.
  • Head is about 2.75 inches across with a 30mm body/tube.
  • Lumens: 
    • Red = 400,
    • Green = 1150,
    • White = 1000.
  • Run time = 2.5 hours at full power. Turn the power down just a little and you will get much longer run times. For Example: With the Red Coyote Cannon, we set the brightness to be exactly the same in spot beam as one of our top competitors' lights in spot beam and the Coyote Cannon ran for 7 hours and stayed brighter than that competitors light the entire life of their battery that ran for 4 hours and 55 minutes. The Coyote Cannon was brighter after running 7 hours then the competitors' light was after running 2 hours. On top of that, after the Coyote Cannon had been running for 7 hours in the example above, we turned it up and it still shined over 900 yards. What all this means is there is no point in buying one of our competitors' lights just because they claim longer run times because if you turn the Coyote Cannon down to where it's a little brighter then any of our competitors' lights, you will get a longer run time out of our Coyote Cannon then their light and this includes one of our competitors' lights that runs on 3 batteries and the Coyote Cannon only uses 1 battery.

This package comes with

  • 1x Coyote Cannon Light with a dimmer tail cap so you have complete control over the brightness of the light.
  • 4x LED modules (Red, Green, White, IR Illuminator 850nm). The LED module colour determines the colour of light your light will emit. LED modules can be changed in the light in just seconds as it simply screws in and out.
  • 1x Lens cover to protect the lens when not in use.
  • 2x 21700 Batteries
  • 1x USB charger
  • 1x Predator Pro-Mount
  • 1x Aluminium carrying case with custom-cut EVA foam

We recommend the Sniper Hog Light if you are after a top-quality infrared illuminator and don't mind paying a little extra for quality.

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