InfiRayOutdoor Australia IS NOW… GOINGDARK.COM.AU

Going Dark are very excited to announce that we have acquired InfiRayOutdoor Australia’s - Retail Arm.

If you are a customer of InfirayOutdoor Australia, we are now your first contact for any questions, issues or warranty claims for any of your InfiRay products purchased through

If you are new and just want to check out the InfiRay product range, please click the link below this video (HERE).

Just a quick word on who we are and where we came from.

Going Dark is a small family owned business located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We are very lucky to work with some very passionate people who all hunt and test all our products before we offer them to you.

We live and breathe customer service and hope that we will have a chance to demonstrate that to you in the near future. We ship all our products, FREE Express Post to ensure you get your order as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or anything is unclear, please call me on: 07 2111 8404

In the meantime, please visit our web-store for any products you might be interested in, Or check out our YouTube Channel for some great educational videos explaining everything there is to know about thermals and night hunting.

And subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more in-depth product reviews in the near future.

Again, Welcome to the GOING DARK Family and I hope we can talk soon… and Happy Hunting..!!

The GoingDark Team