Thermal Imaging Scopes

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Thermal Imaging Scopes

Are thermal imaging scopes legal in Australia?

Yes, thermal imaging scopes are legal to own and use in Australia. However certain states do not allow the usage of thermal or night vision equipment when hunting in state forests such as New South Wales. Please ensure to check in your local jurisdiction.

The import of thermal or night vision devices is not restricted by the Australian Government. However, you must seek permission from the department of defense for the export of your thermal or night vision device.

What are thermal imaging scopes?

Thermal imaging scopes are devices that enable hunters or soldiers to "see" heat signatures during total darkness from large distances and use their weapons to engage their prey or target.

Thermal imaging scopes work by capturing infrared waves emitted from any object through their Germanium (rare earth material) lens. The incoming infrared waves are focused on the thermal imaging sensor which in turn will output the waves as a video. The display in the eye piece of the scope will display the video so a human has the ability to visualise thermal radiation of any object.

Thermal imaging scopes work in total darkness and need no further illumination.

Here at Going Dark we offer several different thermal imaging scopes, anything from the Pulsar Krypton Range, Pulsar Thermion Range, Pulsar Trail 2 Range, InfiRay Rico Range and the Night Tech MS Range.

Best Thermal Scope 2021

Generally speaking there is no "Best Thermal Scope" as every thermal scope has its advantages and disadvantages. There is not one scope that can do it all. Just like there is no perfect firearm, there are always tradeoffs.

Give us a call to discuss what is the "Best thermal Scope" for you and your hunting scenario.