Thermal Imaging

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Thermal Imaging – What is thermal imaging and how does thermal imaging work?

Thermal imaging is the visualisation of thermal radiation also known as heat. Every object emits heat in form of thermal radiation waves. This thermal radiation can be visualised with thermal imaging or thermal vision devices such as thermal monoculars, thermal binoculars, thermal rifle scopes and many more.

Electromagnetic specturm

Thermal imaging devices consist of a Germanium lens that focuses the incoming thermal radiation to a focal point. At the focal point, a thermal (infrared) sensor receives the focused radiation. The sensor analyses the thermal radiation waves and sends a digital signal to the image processor. The on-board image processor processes the digital signal and transforms it to a video signal that is send to the device’s display or screen. The display or screen then visulises the digital video signal to what we perceive as thermal images.

How Does thermal Imaging work

Going Dark offers several different thermal imaging devices such as thermal monocular, thermal binoculars and thermal rifle attachments and thermal rifle scopes from leading brands such as Pulsar, Night Tech and InfiRay.