Precise Hunting Base Clamps (30 to 67mm)


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Precise Hunting Base Clamp (30 to 67mm)

The Base-Clamp is intended for mounting on the scope to receive the Precise Hunting DUO-CONNECTOR for mounting forward mounted digital optics, like thermal clip-on's or digital night vision devices.

A protective film is applied to the contact surfaces at the Base-Clamp, which prevents damage and increases adhesion to the rifle scope.

As a result, the Base-Clamp as well as the device are not pulled off the scope, even using powerful calibres. A special inner contour (three-point support on the scope) enables the attachment to be precisely aligned with the scope. The bayonet on the front of the Base-Clamp is the guarantee for an absolutely repeatable alignment even after hundreds of applications.

Our Base-Clamp is made from one-piece high-quality aluminum and is protected against corrosion and wear by a hard anodized layer.


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