PARD DS35-70 (5.6x) with TL3 940nm - Digital Night Vision Riflescope


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PARD DS35-70 (5.6x) with TL3 940nm - Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Introducing the PARD DS35-70 (5.6x) with TL3 940nm - Digital Night Vision Riflescope, your ultimate tool for precision shooting in low light. With powerful 5.6x magnification, it offers versatility for mid to long-range shooting, providing unparalleled clarity even in complete darkness. Equipped with TL3 940nm infrared illumination, it ensures enhanced visibility in dark environments, extending your shooting range. Built for durability and reliability, it withstands outdoor rigors. With user-friendly controls and ergonomic design, it ensures effortless operation and comfortable handling. Whether you're hunting, in law enforcement, or tactical scenarios, the PARD DS35-70 sets the standard for digital night vision technology, delivering unmatched performance and precision. Dominate the night confidently with the PARD DS35-70.

Key Features;

  • "PARD 2K" resolution sensor - Highly Sensitive in Low Light - to 0.001lux
  • "PARD VLEA" Improved Image Enhancement
  • 1000mtr Integrated Laser Rangefinder (LRF model only)
  • Recoil-Activated Video Recording
  • Ballistic Calculator

Other Features;

  • 2560x1440 CMOS optical sensor
  • 850nm IR illuminator (350mtr IR range) - 5 watt
  • Gyroscope, Loop recording, Audio recording, Exposure compensation
  • Mounts to your rifle with standard 30mm rings
  • 1x 18650 removeable battery (+8hrs operating time)
  • Micro SD storage for media recording, WiFi connectivity

Range Specifications;

Model DS35 50mm DS35 70mm
Resolution(px) 2560*1440 2560*1440
Pixel size(um) 2.9um 2.9um
Sensitivity(lux) 0.001lux 0.001lux
Frame rate(fps) 30fps(night); 60fps (day) 30fps(night); 60fps (day)
Objective lens 50mm F2.4 70mm F2.4
Optical Magnification(x) 4x 5.6x
Digital zoom(x) 2x 2x
PIP(x) 2x 2x
Continuous digital zoom 4-16x 5.6-22.4x
Field of view (HxV) 4.8º 3.4º
3.6º 3.4º
5.1º 4.8º
Focus range 5m-∞ 5m-∞
Eye relief(mm) 100mm 100mm
Exit pupil(mm) 10mm 10mm
Diopter adjustment(°) TBD TBD
IR Illuminator
IR power 5W 5W
IR illuminating level 3 levels 3 levels
IR distance(m) 350m 350m
IR Wavelength(nm) 850nm/940nm 850nm/940nm
Resolution(px) 800*800 800*800
Reticle Style 6 6
Reticle Color white,yellow,green white,yellow,green
Color mode Color,Mono BW,Mono Green,Mono Yellow Color,Mono BW,Mono Green,Mono Yellow
Photo / Video
Photo resolution(px) 1920*1080 2560*1440
Photo format JPG JPG
Video resolution(px) 1920*1080 1920*1080
Video format MP4 MP4
Storage(GB) TF card(128GB) TF card(128GB)
Main function
PIP Yes Yes
LRF detection range(m) 1000 (LRF version) 1000(LRF version)
Ballistic calculator Yes Yes
Range unit selection meter/yard meter/yard
Gyroscope Yes Yes
Self-activated recording Yes Yes
Auto recording Yes Yes
Loop recording Yes Yes
Time stamp Yes Yes
Record audio Yes Yes
Beep sound Yes Yes
Exposure compensation Yes Yes
HDMI Output Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes
Supported Apps PardVision PardVision
Power Supply
Battery type Lithium Ion18650 Lithium Ion18650
Output voltage(V) 3.7 3.7
Operating time(h,max) 8 8
External power supply(V) USB Type-C USB Type-C
Environmental characteristic
Degree of protection IP67 IP67
Operating temp(°C) -20 – 50 -20 – 50
Recoil Power(J) 1000G 1000G
Housing Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy
Objective lens Glass Glass
Product dimension(L x W x H, mm) L350mm*W88mm*H95mm(W/O Long Eyepiece)
L410mm*W88mm*H95mm(W/ Long Eyepiece)
L350mm*W88mm*H95mm(W/O Long Eyepiece)
L410mm*W88mm*H95mm(W/ Long Eyepiece)
N.W/pcs(without battery, g) 680g(W/O Battery) 680g(W/O Battery)

Ultra-clear Display. Beautifully Vibrant

The DS3x series uses an 800*800 LTPS circular display, which delivers high-clarity images with rich contrast and has an extra-wide field of view for enhanced situational awareness. Viewing feels more natural, like you are viewing from a traditional day scope.

Innovative Image
Shift Zero

It’s now easier and more convenient to zero your scope. The image will shift to align with the impact point, instead of shifting the position of the reticle. The crosshairs will always remain fixed in the center allowing you to use the entire field of view.

DS innovative image-shift-zero

Focus-free Lens Cap

The lens cap was designed based on the pinhole theory, so that when it gets too bright during the day, you can use the lens cap as a sunshade and then open the small hole. There is no need to refocus the scope, when observing different targets at different distances.

Extremely Sensitive
CMOS Sensor

The CMOS 0.001 low lux image sensor performs well in low light and delivers higher resolution images. The DS35 has a 2560*1440 (2K) sensor and the DS33 has a 1920*1080 sensor to suit your needs.

DS extremely sensitive cmos sensor

Fast Detection
1000M LRF

Targets can be detected up to 1000m away. The newly developed compact ranging module is precise and has fast detection speed. When paired with integrated ballistics, the LRF gives you the range information you need at night to hunt smarter.

Accurate Ballistic

The integrated ballistic calculator can calculate bullet trajectory parameters such as velocity, bullet weight and zero range. The advanced technology helps you to improve your accuracy by calculating precise aiming points for your next shot placement.

DS accurate ballistic-calculator

Direction Adjustable
IR Light

You can unscrew the IR head and point the IR light in your desired direction. The IR light helps in target identification and is ideal for spotting and navigation. At night, the IR illumination range can reach up to 500 meters.


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