SmartRest - Light Mount (or Thermal Device)



SmartRest Light Mount (or Thermal Device)

The SRLM1 is swivel and pivot mount that is designed to be used as a holder and functional swiveling spot light mount. The purpose of its design is to give the user the convenience of a holder as well doubling up to be able to aim the light at a 360 degree rotation area, including vertical movement. Therefore making it ideal for spot lighting and farm use, as well as security uses. Camera's and similar devices can also be mounted on this unit. 


The SRLM1 has been designed to mount lights on to:

  • Quad Bikes
  • Utes
  • UTV and Buggy vehicles

Field Functions: 

  • Spotlighting for shooting purposes
  • Search and Rescue light mount
  • Security
  • Law Enforcement

The Package Includes:

  • Swivel and pivot arm pre-assembled
  • Weaver Rail Adapter + 1 x 5/16 bolt (standard PowaBeam and LightForce thread)
  • Pipe clamp mount

Technical Data:

The SRLM1 is made of powder coated steel. It has dual pivot points which consists of a bearing and nylon washer assembly to allow a smooth and controlled 3600 swivel. It has a tension adjustable knob for more or less tension on the swivel. The lights and camera’s attach via weaver rail quick release clamp enhance the user friendly options. Mounting is done with a simple bolt and 2 piece clamp system that are compressed on to square and round pipes from 16mm to 40mm. The height is adjustable via a telescopic style pole and lock bolt knob. 

Weight is 1.0kg

Extra Information

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