The PARD VISION App is Here..!!

The PARD VISION App is Here..!!

Published by Damon Loats - on 8th Feb 2023

The PARDVision app is a one-stop solution that connects your PARD device to your smartphone and enables you to control, view, and capture photos/videos remotely with ease. The app is user-friendly and secure, offering a range of features that boost the performance of PARD night vision and thermal imaging devices. By connecting to your Android or iOS device, PARDVision acts as an external viewfinder and allows you to observe targets with a broader view. You can adjust the device settings remotely, have access to remote functions, and manage files directly from the app. Download now to experience more.

 Fast Connectivity and Effortless Viewing With PARDVision acting as a viewfinder, you can view what you see through the PARD night vision and thermal imaging devices with minimal lag or delay over WiFi.

 Remote Control Change the settings of your observation device with ease using the PARDVision app. The dual system operation makes hunting convenient and enjoyable.

 Photo and Video Recording Capture moments and memories with the ability to take photos and videos using the PARD devices and save the files directly to the PARDVision app. You can also browse all saved files at any time. Never miss a moment with this handy feature.

Download the PARD Vision APP for your favourite Android smart device and enjoy the benefits..  Happy Hunting!

The Going Dark Team