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SmartRest - Lone Shooter X "DELUXE" - Thermal Mount Kit (including Racken Rest)

The SmartRest Lone Shooter Thermal Mount Kit is the perfect setup for shooters that do the majority of their hunting from a vehicle. The Thermal Mount Kit works only with a thermal monocular that can either via wifi, bluetooth or cable transmit the video image to a phone or table (best practise is to mount it on the dashboard). In this configuration, the driver or passenger has the ability to scan 360 degrees. For those of you who have used thermal monoculars in teh car before, you understadn the benefits of forward scanning as you will not be able to look through the windshield of your car with a thermal device.

In addition, if you have a passenger on board, both diver and passenger can spot animals and support the engagement process.


The SmartRest Lone Shooter Thermal Mount Kitcomes with the following items;
     1 x Racken Rest II (SmartRest brand) - Long or Short
     1 x SRSMB (SmartRest brand)
     1 x RC310 (PowaBeam brand)
     1 x RC500 (PowaBeam brand)
     1 x Weaver Clamp (SmartRest Brand)
     1 x Camera Weaver Adapter (SmartRest Brand)

     Refer to the assembly diagram for assembly reference or parts you may need. 

     Optional: If you only require particular parts, they are all available separately.  


Please see below the details of each part included in this thermal kit:

SmartRest Racken Spotlight Bracket

The Spotlight Mount Bracket is an adapter designed to connect a remote controlled window mounted spotlight to the Racken Rest.

The bracket comes with multiple drilled holes for various fittings and all fasteners are included.

The bracket is a simple set up which is ambidextrous, and mounts well with PowaBeam's remote light and spot light. 

The Mount Bracket connects the Racken Rest and the SR310 together. See diagram for more info or contact us for technical support. 

Note: The light and Racken combo is not ideal for Land Cruiser or small window frame vehicles, due to lack of space in the door area.   


SmartRest Racken Remote Bracket

The Remote Bracket is a bracket the RC220 and the Spotlight Mount Bracket is mounted on. It acts as the central mounting unit between the Racken Rest and the Light Mount Remote Handle. It also makes up part of the Lone Shooter Assembly. Refer to images for specs. 


PowaBeam Remote RC500

Powa Beam Quick Draw Folding Spotlight Remote Control Handle.

Upgraded version of the popular Powa Beam Deluxe Remote. Now with a quicker, easier and more secure folding mechanism and a larger grip.

  • Quick Release Handle folds flush with roof
  • Housing machined from aircraft grade alloy
  • One piece steel ball joint with internal wiring
  • Reversible long wearing, self lubricating ball joint washers
  • 50o maximum tilt, 360o maximum rotation
  • Super smooth operation
  • Switch conveniently located on handle
  • Adjustable tension control from inside cabin with locking ring
  • Handle folds down to approx 350mm below roof
  • For use with all Powa Beam Spotlights
  • All parts are replaceable
  • Will suit roof thickness of up to approx 25mm


What size is the nut on the top?

M12 x 1.25


My remote is brand new and makes a squeaking noise, can I lubricate it?

If remote squeaks when turned left or right it is generally the rubber boot rubbing on the top shaft. You can stop this by a placing a small amount of Inox or WD40 at the top lip of the rubber boot where it meets the shaft.
The washers are made to be self lubricating therefore should not need additional oiling. 
If your remote is still squeaking, try a very small amount of Inox or WD40 at the top of the ball joint. Please note too much may cause the ball shaft to slip, therefore reducing its ability to hold tension.

Is it legal to install a remote in my vehicle?
There is currently no law stating that roof mounted spotlights are illegal. Check out the links below to determine whether the folding remote will be in the head impact zone of your particular vehicle or not.

Link 1: Vehicle Standards Bulletin VSB14, ◾NCOP7 Section LK Seating and Occupant Protection V2 01Jan2011 .

Link 2: Page 42 & 43 describe the test method for installing roll bars, and head impact zone issues. There is a test device you can make and confirm whether the folding remote handles are in the head impact zone or not.


SmartRest Clamp Bracket

The SRWC is a special design quick release weaver rail clamp specifically designed for RC220 and RC500. It can also be bolted on to Light Force RC225 and MagForce.

It's original design purpose was to convert the PowaBeam Light Bracket to a quick Release option which can be bought with the rail in a complete kit.

The package includes:

1 x Weaver Rail Clamp (SRWC)

1 x Fastener Kit


SmartRest Camera Weaver Adapter

The new Weaver Rail for camera is made specifically to connect a camera to the Hyper Pod II.

Thread type is 1/4 x 20 and 3/8 x 16









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